Build cooperation – Peace

We help our clients to structure their entire life cycle. It facilitates clear leadership, transparent communication and efficient processes. The goal is for clients to become independent in their sustainability efforts.

Create value – Love

We support our clients in their development of products and solutions that have a future. Demand for sustainable solutions will only increase. It lays the foundation for value creation for both organizations and the community for many years to come.

Understanding the big picture – Giraffes!

We help customers to see their position in a holistic perspective and become aware of the benefits of Lifecycle Thinking. Take part of our knowledge.

Environmental Cooperation

Train the trainer in Environmental Management Train the trainer in Environmental Management

The municipality in Borås is supporting its 22 municipal organisations in developing an environmental management system. Miljögiraff is educating the persons who will lead the development per organisation.

Environmental Training Mora of Sweden Environmental Training Mora of Sweden

Mora of Sweden is undergoing the process of becoming ISO 14000 certified. As part of this, all employees is given a basic environmental education. The purpose of education is to give a basic understanding of how the environment looks like today and then understand both how companies and individuals [...] Läs mer

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Life Cycle Assessment

RGS90 – LCA on the benefits of recycling
RGS90 – LCA on the benefits of recycling

Miljögiraff makes on behalf of RGS90 an LCA on the benefits of their recycling process that involves a higher degree of recycling for certain waste fractions than the national average. RGS90 want to quantify and understand how big the environmental benefits are for development of internal processes and for [...] Läs mer

Climate Impact Wihlborgs

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB assigned Miljögiraff as a third party to calculate their total climate impact for 2013. [...] Läs mer

LCA Hydroware

Miljögiraff was assigned by Hydroware to investigate the environmental impact in the construction and usage of two different types of elevators. The goal of the study is to assess the environmental performance of hydraulic elevators and traction elevators. For both types of elevators this study wil [...] Läs mer

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